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For most of us Wholesale College Jerseys , winter months mean bitter cold, slushy precipitation and a desire for a cozy fire or a tropical vacation. For golfers, winter often means heading out for a warm weather golf getaway vacation. Hawaii is one of the most popular winter golf getaway destinations in the world, and for good reason.

Hawaiian fairways feature lava fields, majestic mountains, lush tropical terrain, palm trees and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. You can see Hawaiian heiau (ancient places of worship) Wholesale NCAA Jerseys , rare Hawaiian monk seals, colorful birds and even humpback whales while golfing in Hawaii!

Kapalua Golf Club Plantation Golf Course
Recognized as #1 in Hawaii for the Best Golf Resort by Travel & Leisure Golf Magazine, this par 73, 7,411-yard course takes you through breathtaking natural geographic formations and pineapple plantation fields. The views alone are enough of a distraction to make each hole challenging. This is truly a world class golf course.

Nanea Golf Course
The Nanea course in Kailua Kona This 7,500 yard, par 73 course developed by Charles Schwab and George Roberts. The Nanea Golf Club is exclusive. Get an invitation to play and you may be rubbing putters with celebrities! You may also spot a few younger players since the club allows the nearby Kealakehe High School锟絪 golf team to practice on the green!

Navy Marine Golf Course
The Navy Marine course Wholesale NFL Jerseys , located in Honolulu, is a 6,771 yard par 72 course managed by the Navy Golf Program. This military course is one of the best in Hawaii with fast greens and well maintained tees .The strong headwinds can make the course play differently from visit to visit.

Ko锟給lau Golf Course
Situated in Kaneohe, this public golf course is legendary for missing golf balls! The secluded green is so challenging that you can afford to take your time at each tee. The Ko锟給lau Mountains serve as a backdrop for the course and the private location leaves you to golf with your fellow golfers and nature without distractions from modern life.

Prince Golf Course
This public golf course offers a total of 45 tees on your choice of two courses. The Prince course is spectacular with sweeping views and challenging holes and is considered to be one of the highlights of public golfing in Hawaii. The second course is still very challenging but the views are blocked in most places by nearby homes. The second course is greatly discounted and offers a great game for the price.

Winter golfing in Hawaii is very popular. In fact, the PGA, LPGA and other major golfing events take place there year after year. Be sure to check the calendar for each green you will be visiting before scheduling your trip and your tee times. The Hawaii Golf Association is a great resource for golfing in Hawaii and they provide a current events calendar of major golfing events in Hawaii.

Winter golfing getaways in Hawaii can be like spending a few days in paradise. Even the lesser known and public golf courses here offer spectacular views and unusual sights from the green. A Hawaiian winter golf getaway is likely to be the vacation of your dreams!
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