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One of the most anticipated fights in the short history of mixed martial arts is Chuck Liddell versus Wanderlei Silva. Since 2003 this on again http://www.cheapenglandsoccerjerseys.com/fraser-forster-jersey/ , off again match up has teased fans of both the UFC and Pride fighting championships, but now it looks like the fight may be on again.

UFC 79 on December 29th, 2007 is the rumored date for the fight to take place. The venue is in Las Vegas and the anticipation could not be any higher. It's true that both Wanderlei and Chuck are coming off back to back losses, but when you look at those losses and the quality of opposition it's clear that both of these guys are still at the top of their game.

Wanderlei Silva has fought an absolute who's who of 205lb mixed martial artists and won the vast majority of those battles. He's defeated Quinton Jackson twice in dominant fashion, defeated Dan Henderson, Ricardo Arona, Kazushi Sakuraba, but has yet to face the best of the "new" UFC. How will Wanderlei match up against Chuck Liddell, Keith Jardine, Houston Alexander or Forrest Griffin? I personally think that Wanderlei's strength, power and aggression is difficult for any fighter to deal with. He has a wild style that could either make it a very easy night for Chuck http://www.cheapenglandsoccerjerseys.com/eric-dier-jersey/ , or the worst night of Chuck Liddell's career.

Wanderlei likes to throw looping heavy punches, much like Chuck does, although Chuck's are just a touch straighter. The difference is in the clinch and ground game where I believe that Wanderlei Silva has a distinct advantage over Liddell. If Wanderlei gets Chuck in at close quarters it will be a very tough night for Liddell and three losses in a row may spell retirement for the "Ice Man".

Chuck Liddell needs no introduction to mixed martial arts and especially UFC fans. He has defeated two legends of the sport twice each. With big wins over Randy Couture and Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell established himself as the UFC's top light heavyweight player for much of the last three years. However, Chuck is coming off of two losses. The first was a flash knockout loss to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, with that loss the belt changed hands and Quinton became the new light heavyweight champ.

Chuck's second loss is more interesting. It came to Keith Jardine, now most MMA fans would argue that Jardine is strong and tough, but Chuck went into that fight as the favorite. The fight was close and the judges gave the decision to Jardine. There wasn't a single take down in the fight meaning that Chuck, formerly the most feared striker at 205lbs has been beaten twice in a row, both time on his feet.

In the fight with Wanderlei Silva, if Chuck can keep his composure and land some big straight shots inside of Wandy's wild looping punches he can make a short night's work. Chuck hits very hard http://www.cheapenglandsoccerjerseys.com/dele-alli-jersey/ , but most of his really hard shots seem to be looping overhand rights, I don't think those will be particularly effective against Wanderlei Silva; Chuck needs to throw straight. Also, Chuck Liddell should avoid the clinch with Wanderlei at all costs, if he needs more incentive he should watch Wandy's two fights with Quinton Jackson.

Let's all just hope that this fight happens as the rumors state on December 29th. I'm not picking a winner or a favorite in this fight, I just want to see it happen.
A recent study by the University of Sydney, which was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, has revealed that children who drink beverages with high levels of sugar and carbohydrates are at risk of cardiovascular diseases – heart illnesses or high blood pressure – in the future. This research conducted on about 2,000 12-year-old children shows that those with high sugar and carbohydrate intake have narrower retinal arteries or blood vessels in the retina, which is a precursory sign of cardiovascular diseases. Dr. Bamini Gopinath, the senior researcher in this study, said http://www.cheapenglandsoccerjerseys.com/david-beckham-jersey/ , “We need to carry out further studies, but it is definitely a warning to parents and children to cut down on carbohydrates and sugar.” The health of the retinal blood vessels provides an accurate indication of the entire body’s blood vessel health.

On top of this, worldwide reports also show that children from some countries are facing obesity problems while children from other countries are having malnutrition problems.

Seeking Help from Expert Nutritionists

Some of the health problems manifested by adults today actually stem out from their food and drink intake when they were young and from their eating habits and routines as well. It is important that people seek proper help before the problem starts or exacerbates. Parents or guardians can ask a nutritionist’s help to check if their children have the proper, needed nutrition. If you’re looking for a dietitian in Sydney, The Body Doctor can assist you. Whether it’s nutrition for children or adults, they can help you. They also have sports nutritionist in Sydney for those who need dietary guidelines tailored to their specific needs for a particular sport. And for those who need help in managing weight loss, Sydney’s The Body Doctor is also capable to assist you.

Although there could be remedial efforts done to help improve or ease the situation later, it’s still better to have preventive measures established from the start. This means that parents or guardians have the responsibility to see to it that their children follow proper diet and food intake. The Body Doctor is one with you in your pursuit of a healthy life for your children.

The Body Doctor Fixes Children’s Issues on Nutrition

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