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I've been debating the subject with a few people recently and I wanted to bring it here to you all.The last debate happened when I mentioned my intention to adopt a puppy I found on the street. She's a big puppy, old enough to be away from her parents, but still a young thing. She let me pat her but was terrified and would shy away from sudden movements. When I mentioned adopting her and taking her home, I had a veto from people I was talking to. In their opinion street dogs are perfectly happy and I would be doing her a disservice.I know their opinion is coming from seeing some dogs getting fed by people and looking quite happy. When it comes to my little one in question I see adoption as a good thing; being a female shew would be pregnant more often than not and already she shows a great fear and mistrust of people. I would never think of adopting one of the happy-looking grown dog who has grown up on the streets but a puppy yes.So my thoughts are; what do you guys think about the life of a street dog? Is is as good as it seems? And if you adopted any in what circumstances would it be under?

Please help.

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